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Prompt Tickets is an online ticket service offering you an easy, fast and secured method to sell your tickets directly to the public at the lowest possible cost to your patrons. Take a few seconds and see how much they can instantly save when you use Prompt Tickets instead of one of the higher cost online ticket firms. Lower fees will entice more customers to purchase your tickets.
There are several firms offering online ticket service with some of them keeping their prices secret from the public. These firms listed are charging the following fees according to their published fees on their Internet site as of December 2018: Eventbrite $1.59 per ticket plus 3.5%, Brown Paper Tickets .99 per ticket plus 3.5%, and Ticketspice .99 cents per ticket. Prompt Tickets charges a $1 per order Administration fee to be paid by the buyer regardless of the number of tickets purchased. This is the lowest fee charged by any online ticket service.
Unique Aspect

We offer you your own customizable page that can be changed as required. Our program provides you with real time reports informing you of your sales and customer information. Your ticket proceeds are deposited immediately into your personal account with no waiting or handling by a third party. We do not promote other events from your ticketing page or solicit, cross promote or contact your attendees. An important aspect of our ticket service is your ability to have civic and other organizations assist in the selling of your tickets without actually handling of the tickets or funds. You can assign each approved club/group a unique code that ticket buyers can enter which identifies that particular organization so they can be credited with the sale of that ticket. A printout will be available of all the ticket sales associated with that code including the names of the ticket purchasers which you can provide to the selling organization when payment is made to them.

Prompt Tickets offers you three methods to delivery tickets to your customers. You can choose to let them do at home online printing of E-tickets, pick-up at Will Call or the mailing of hard tickets. You can offer unlimited ticket types and pricing options in addition to seating arrangements. You are in complete control of your ticket operation from selling tickets to numerous other services such as parking and merchandise sales.

Fund Raising Facts

Regardless of the reason for your fund raising you can sell more tickets and raise more funds for your cause by offering tickets online. A lot of people want to help by buying a ticket or making a donation but have no intention of actually attending the event. Making your tickets available and accepting donations online is the ideal method of reaching these people. Let Prompt Tickets be your fund raising partner in your next event by listing your tickets and accepting donations online.

Fast. Easy. Secured. Low Cost.

We use PayPal payment gateway probably the best known and secured online payment system that is trusted by the public. Our administration fee is $1 per order regardless of the number of tickets purchased. This is the lowest fee available for online ticket service. This admin fee is paid by the buyer. You will have the option to charge your customer a service fee, delivery fee and a sales tax. These fees are set by you or you can absorb these costs in your ticket price.

We are here to help

This is not an exclusive service. You can continue to sell tickets by other methods. You can list any number of tickets on our program that you desire and can cancel at anytime without penalty. We welcome events regardless if the number of tickets to sell is less than a hundred or several thousands and whether it is a onetime event or a continuing event. We are here to help you sell tickets and make your event successful. We are an ideal partner for school plays, civic pancake breakfasts and local charity events. Events such as fairs, race tracks, and gun shows can save their patrons money by using our ticket/merchandise service. Lower ticket charges can mean more sales. Another important aspect of our service is there is never any expense to you. It is free! No equipment to buy or fees to pay.

Visit our Sample test page to review our ticket program. It is simple and easy to use without your customers having to sign in with a password. You can list your tickets by clicking on List Tickets. Best viewed with the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.

Thank you for your consideration of Prompt Tickets. We appreciate it.

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